Weber Spirit II Vs Genesis II- Let’s See Which One Is Trending In 2020

2020 came with lots of modifications and changes. Well, it’s not only the climate or other stuff. In fact, in technology, there are many things which got modified.

One of the most worth-counting things is Weber. Oh yeah, I know you must be wondering why I did count it as the biggest change. You will get the answer, just wait and read.

The good news is, Weber, reshaped its version and has ceased its Spirit II series. Just hold down because another good news is still not revealed. Weber is marking its presence with its previous generation. Although, there would be some modified features, aligned according to the present era. Oh, it’s news for all the beach lovers. I mean, imagine you are enjoying your quality time while grilling some scrumptious food at the beach. Isn’t it give some ah-so-amazing vibes?

By the way, don’t forget that on the whole, there are a total of 15 grill models that are in the diversion with Spirit or with Genesis badge. Although, the most important thing which you should know about all these products is that- Both of them works best. In a nutshell, it all depends on your budget and as well as on the features which you consider important.

Let’s see what the things are which marks the line of difference between weber spirit II vs genesis II.

Weber Genesis II 

Genesis II is one of the huge grills of Weber. It has an all-over four burner grill which marks it as the largest one among other grills. Not only this, but it also has the most practical grilling area. So, if you are planning to throw a party then feel free to opt for Weber Genesis to grill your meat.

And oh, in case, if you are in search of any beautiful grill then no other grill could satisfy your need than the Weber Genesis II. But, for this, you just got a heavy pocket. It will cost you heavily. Anyways, when you are getting a lot in one, then its fine to make a heavy investment. After all, we do invest in such things once only.

Weber Spirit II 

Well, if you are a family-oriented persona and like spending a good time with family then opting for Weber Spirit II will be the best option for you. This one has a total of three burners. This means it is enough to serve almost six to seven people. So, just in case, if you have a small family then don’t hesitate to invite your close friend as well.

One of the best yet special things about this grill is that it contains reversible grates, on the top of its main area, provided for cooking. It gives a little side to the delicate food items. It might include fish or a huge side for a good amount of meat. Also, it offers some additionally attached hooks which help in keeping all your cooking tools organized. 

Are you are all set to marinate meat and to enjoy grill party? If yes, then don’t wait and purchase your grill. Although, choosing between Weber Spirit II and Genesis II is completely up to you.