All you need to know about pool filters / How to use a pool filter in an effective way

Pool filters and hygiene go hand in hand. Without filters, you can’t ‘play it too cool’. Of course, that mess and pale color of water could never look appealing

So, summers are here and definitely, some of you are planning to throw a pool party. Sounds great! You must be looking for a filter to keep your pool party all-hygienic and joyful for your friends. Yeah, pool filters could help you in this (only if you don’t want to feel that ‘yuckie’ embarrassment in front of your guests). 

Pool filters are one of the amazing innovations (at least for me). The pool filters work on keeping your pools clean and functions quickly to clear up all the health-risks. It operates more like a life savior without which, your pool will get filled with germs and different kinds of bacteria (hmm, sounds quite risky). But, don’t worry, we are living in an era where everything could be done in a minute (reaching Mars is not included in the list). 

Let’s see how does a pool filter work and makes it possible to have ah-so-amazing vibes in summer parties. 

Not a rocket science 

There are total three types of filters; cartridge, diatomaceous, and sand filter. Although these are just the pros and cons which differ while all of the filters work almost in a similar manner- aim to clean your pool. So, don’t be confused. 

However, in terms of functionality, the pump of the swimming pool forces the water via the skimmer and it eventually gets into the filter. Afterward, the filter works on trapping the particles of dirt. Once the water set free from all types of impurities, the filter throws it back to the pool. Yeah, it works in quite a simple way. 

Size matters 

I know when it comes to hygiene, we all get conscious but, being too extra could result in creating fuss too. So, let’s keep it balanced. You need to be wise while selecting an appropriate pool filter. For this, it is necessary to know the exact volume or size of your swimming pool. Also, please ensure that your pool water is capable to pass through the filter after accurate 4 hours.

To know about the capacity of your filter, focus on the flow of rate that could be managed by the filter and as well the filter pump.

It’s not a robot

No, your pool filter is not a robot, of course, you have to clean it yourself. To have a hygienic pool, you have to keep your filter hygienic too. If you really want your filter to work perfectly then please take this brownie tip and keep washing your filters (if not regular then at least three times in a week).

In case, if you are unable to clean all dirt via high water pressure then feel free to take help from soft brushes. Yeah, take any (soft) brush and try removing the remaining dirt.

Now, you can enjoy your pool party without any worry. Although, you just need to take care of mentioned things while selecting a pool filter and there you go- all set to rock and roll!