Best Cleaning Kits Reviewed

In a Generation where the use of Guns has become prominent, sufficient cleaning materials have also become as important. There have been many scenarios where, people have needed to shoot, but because of a clog they weren’t able to. Below are some of the best Cleaning Kits Reviewed by the Audience.

Real Avid AVGCK 310- P

Fans hail this as a ‘stellar’ of a cleaning kit. After taking in all the reviews, we drew this conclusion that a very large proportion of the audience loved this kit, as it provides everything that is needed to clean the guns in a thorough and precise manner. The only thing that was dissatisfying was the fact that it did not come with a lubricant or a type of solvent, and for something as good as this, spending a little bit more for a lubricant is still worth it.  A huge plus point for the customers was the Nylon casing, as it is very strong and durable, and the lightweight build of the kit showcased the portability, something everyone liked. It also comes with a variety of different tools, such as Bronze Bore Brushes, Patches, T Handles, Cleaning Rods and Nylon Jags.

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Hoppe’s 9mm Cleaning Kit

Amongst all the reviews, this was by far the most popular and most liked by the customers. The main response that was received was that no other kit cleans the same way that Hoppe’s does, and after looking at it ourselves we quickly learnt that it is certainly the case. The tools it has to remove any bit of dirt and debris is absolutely formidable. The customers loved the small size and its compact nature. It contained fewer tools than the Avid, but the customers mentioned that the quality of each tool was exceptional.  They are also really easy to use, making it really ideal for beginners making it convenient for everyone to use. The audience greatly appreciates its high portability, due to its small and compact build. It is also really cheap compared to other kits in the Market, and is easy to access anywhere. The only real throw off with this, is it’s flimsy Storage Box, other than that it is a top quality Cleaning Kit.

UTG 9MM Pisotl Cleaning Kit

If there is a cleaning kit that not only gets the job done, but also does it to an extent that satisfies the customers, at a good rate, this is certainly it. It’s a fully complete kit provides high quality components to ensure thorough cleaning. The tools are manufactured in such a way that withstands any weathers, such as Rain, heat or snow. They are really strong, gritty and durable and will last a very long time. They also have Bore Brushes that are created from different materials e.g. (Bronze, Copper and Nylon). However, a massive throw off is that it is quite heavy, and can be difficult to be carried around compared to other tool kits; it also has a flimsy Storage box giving other Kits a slight edge.